Everyone! Everyone is encouraged to create a MatchPass profile and score some sweet rewards.

The program is free to sign up for and at your discretion to spend as little or as much as you want. There will be ample opportunities to enter to win things for free or if you’d rather not enter a contest, you will have the option to buy the reward with proceeds going to charity.
You can’t! It’s on your phone ☺
An email and a password. If you’re an STM, make sure you are using your TicketMaster credentials. If you do not know this information your Sounders FC customer service representative can assist you.
You are welcome to print your tickets for any match via Account Manager.

My MatchPass Questions

Points will expire at the end of each calendar year.
No, tickets may be managed via the Sounders App or your TicketMaster account manager.
Please contact your ticket representative or a Sounders FC customer service representative.
Yes, you may do this with the Sounders App or your TicketMaster account manager.
You cannot transfer points to a separate account.

Rewards Questions

Using your app or desktop, open the rewards page and explore your many options for rewards. Click on your desired reward(s), and click redeem for an enter to win reward. You will receive a kickback email confirming that you entered. If the reward is “Buy Now,” click “Buy.” You will be prompted to enter credit card information and confirm your purchase. NOTE: The first time you Buy Now must be done from a desktop computer. After that you may use mobile.
You will receive a direct email from a MatchPass rep informing you that you’ve won and instructing you on next steps.
Matchday experiential rewards cannot be returned on matchday. If you would like a refund in advance of matchday, please contact customer service at least 24 hours prior to the match.
Rewards will change often. To stay up to date with the latest reward opportunities, we encourage you to visit this MatchPass site regularly.
Rewards will be added and subtracted depending on their availability during the season. Rewards are typically not listed for the duration of the season and rotate based off home matches, player availability, inventory of giveaways, etc.
Please do - your feedback is always welcome. Click the "Contact Us" tab and let us know your thoughts.
When the team scores three goals, show your mobile or print-from-home ticket from that particular match to your local Great Clips location for redemption. The same ease applies to all other partner promotions.
This will depend on the reward type. Experiential rewards will require you to meet at a location and a guide will take you on your experience. Merchandise rewards will be shipped to your home unless otherwise noted in the reward description. Please keep your shipping information up to date in the MatchPass database. Always check the reward description for shipping information.

How do "Impact" rewards work?



For further questions, please see our Terms and Conditions page.

Impact rewards are Buy Now rewards for which proceeds go to charity. The proceeds will be distributed to charity via our United in Green program, the Rave Foundation, and the Alliance Council.
No. Stored value will come from cash back you earn, or from club provided opportunities to add dollars. Stored value is not tied to your credit card. Stored value expires at the end of each season (the last remaining home match).

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